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  FAMILY CARE CONNECTIONS, LLC provides comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Advanced Practice Nurse Care Management and Geriatric Care Management;

  • Medicaid Consulting Services -

           - Medicaid Eligibility, Planning and Applications;

  • Aging at Home, Assisted Living and Nursing Home Placement

  • Real Estate & Housing Options to Aging

  • Elder Care Consulting and Counseling, Medicare and Supplemental Insurance Information;

  • Senior Living Planning/Retirement Management/Wellness Planning


  Please review information set forth in Publications/Resources on this website for further information


  What is an Geriatric/Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager?

  • The Advanced Practice Nurse Care Management holds advanced clinical and academic degrees,

    and board certifications.

  • She has years of clinical experience to help individuals and their families navigate through a

    healthcare crisis.


  • She teaches and counsels people so they can understand the extent of

     their illness and helps them decide on the most appropriate care options

     in the best possible setting.


  How Can the Geriatric/Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager be

  Helpful to you?

  The Advanced Practice Nurse Care Management can perform the necessary

  physical and mental exams to determine the appropriate level of care including:


  • PRI and Screen

  • Mini Mental Status Exam

  • Other assessment and diagnostic tests to determine care needs

  • Determine the appropriate level of care such as:

      ► Aging at home

      ► Assisted Living

      ► Rehabilitation

      ► Nursing Home

  • Develop an appropriate care plan and ensure that the plan is maintained.

  • Provide goal oriented and supportive counseling to the patient and loved ones when necessary.

  Dr. Ann Marie D'Angelo DNP continuously evaluates the patient to determine if there are changes in

  the patients physical or mental condition to ensure the care plan is appropriate and the proper health

  care providers and therapists are in place.  Dr. Ann Marie also educates and counsels individuals and

  their families on the physical and emotional issues involving patient care, care management and

  advocacy. She serves as a liaison between health care professionals, facilities and the patient/family.


  Dr. Ann Marie D' Angelo, DNP, CNS, uses research based tools to identify healthcare needs.

  She is New York State Certified to complete the PRI and Screen to evaluate nursing home placement and

  frequently utilizes the Mini-Mental Status Exam as well as other tests to evaluate level of care needs.

  Dr. Ann Marie D' Angelo DNP, CNS, determines long and short term plans based on these evaluations and

  help clients remain at home or go the most appropriate facility for their care needs.

  •  Physical and Mental Health Evaluations

  •  Home-care coordination & "Aging in Place"

  •  PRI and Screen Evaluations

  •  Mini-Mental Status Exams

  •  Rehabilitation, Nursing Home & Assisted Living Placements

  •  Individual & Family Education and Counseling

  •  Patient Advocacy

  Additional information can be found in the publication section of this website.

  Please contact Dr. Ann Marie D' Angelo at with any questions.


Planning    Eligibility     Applications

  We can help with all aspects of Medicaid Planning, Eligibility and Applications, including:


  • Nursing Home Medicaid

  • Home Care Medicaid

  • Assisted Living (ALP) Medicaid

  • Pooled Income Trust

  • MLTC Level of Care Advocacy

  Our staff has over 30 years of experience with Medicaid Planning, Eligibility and Applications. We have

  successfully processed hundreds of applications.


  In addition, our Doctor of Nursing Practice and Clinical Nurse Specialists help to ensure maximum Home

  Care coverage when Home Care Medicaid is the appropriate care setting.


  The clinical team oversees all physical/mental evaluations and interviews in order to ensure that they applicant

  receives maximum coverage.


  Let us help with:


  • Planning for Medicaid

  • Identifying the appropriate type of Medicaid required

  • Developing a plan and establishing eligibility

  • Advocating for the maximum coverage at home, in an assisted living or in a nursing home

  • Protecting loved ones from a catastrophic illness

  • Helping to protect hard earned assets and income

  Additional information is available under Medicaid in the Publication section of this website or contact

  Dr. Frank G. D'Angelo JD, PhD with any questions at 



  Healthy aging requires comprehensive financial, legal, health care and social planning. In order to properly

  plan for retirement, it is necessary to develop a thoughtful plan that includes Real Estate and Housing

  Options for Aging.


  The professional staff at Castleworks Realty, Inc. and Family Care Connections, LLC can assist with the

  development and implementation of a Life Care Plan that includes housing options. The plan is created in

  conjunction with Family Care Connections LLC, Advanced Practice Nurse Care Managers, Geriatric

  Specialists, Physicians, Social Workers, Elder Care Consultants and other professionals. These housing

  options are tailored to meet the personal needs and goals of the client.


  We can help with –


  • Aging in place, including home care

  • Senior Living Retirement Communities & Seniors Only Apartments

  • Senior Independent Living Options

  • Assisted Living, including Medicaid ALP

  • Rehabilitation Care centers (for short term rehabilitation) 

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities


  Let the professionals at Family Care Connections LLC and Castleworks Realty, Inc. assist you and your

  family in making the right choice when planning your individual housing needs.


  Family Care Connections LLC and Castleworks Realty, Inc. also provides the following services and we also

  work with other licensed/certified professionals to provide the following:


  • Downsizing, Relocation Strategies

  • Clean Ups Clean Outs & Home Reorganization

  • Minor Repairs, Renovations and General Maintenance

  • All types of mortgage financing including Reverse Mortgages

  • Homeowners, Property & Casualty Insurance

  • Title & Land Services including Title Insurance



  What is an Eldercare Consultant?


  The Eldercare consultant has years of experience providing Counseling, Education, Advocacy, Information

  and Referrals.


  The Eldercare Consultant frequently deals with the following:


 Wellness Planning  •  Retirement Communities

 Aging at Home   •  Rehabilitation Facilities

Assisted Living Communities  •  Nursing Homes


  The Eldercare consultant helps develop a comprehensive plan and also identifies the appropriate healthcare,

  legal, financial and social professionals required to coordinate and implement the plan.


  How Can We Help?


  The Eldercare Consultant can also assist with issues involving:


• Estate Planning  • Financial & Tax Planning  • Care Management

• Medicaid, Medicare & Medicare Supplemental Insurance

• Alternate Methods to Pay for Long Term Care

• Long Term Care Insurance and other Insurance Matters

• Insurance Planning  • Reverse Mortgages  • Pre-Need Funeral Planning 

• Counseling, Mediation & Spiritual Direction  • End of Life Planning


  The Eldercare Consultant conducts a series of interviews to learn about the events and concerns of the

  individual and or the family. During these interviews we help clarify the goals and the solutions as part of a

  comprehensive plan. The plan may involve housing options, health care management, Medicaid & Medicare

  planning, as well as tax, financial and legal planning.


  The Eldercare Consultant may also explore the need for supportive and therapeutic counseling.


  We work with a team of guided professionals including: Physicians, Advanced Practice Nurses,

  Psychologists,  Social Workers, Financial Planners, Accountants, Lawyers and Therapists. Let us help you

  develop a thorough plan with clear solution and we will help you find the right professional to meet your

  specific personal needs and requirements.


  This type of planning can be created as part of a wellness strategy in the context of Senior Living Planning

  or during a health crisis


  We offer all phases of support during the aging process, as well as when a loved one is deceased.  It is

  easy to become overwhelmed during this time of loss both emotionally and financially.  Our Senior Living

  Planning Specialist assists individuals with personal and estate affairs after the loss of a loved one.  We

  offer assistance with household financial management and bill paying, as well as property management.

  Support services and counseling are provided during life's many challenges especially when dealing with

  illness or death.  Our Senior Living Planning Specialist will interface with the many professionals required

  to get things done for you and your loved ones including:

  • Lawyers

  • Banks

  • Accountants

  • Health Care Professionals

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Credit Card Companies

  • Utility/Phone Companies

  • Life Insurance Companies

  • Social Security Administration

  • Retirement Communities

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

    and more.....

  Other services provided by our Senior Living Planning Specialist include:

  • Coordinate with funeral home on all arrangements

  • Help get organized and maintain all paperwork

  • Provide home cleanouts and organization

  • Provide recommendations for bereavement support and counseling

  • Provide information and referral for all other physical or mental health services 

  Additional information is available in the Publication section of this website

  Contact Dr. Frank G. D'Angelo JD, PhD with any questions at: 

Seniors Socializing
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